About Us

Mini Brow

Founded by Mini Na in 2013, we opened our first location in Markham in 2016 and have since established ourselves as one of the leading professionals in the semi-permanent cosmetic enhancement industry in Toronto.

Our Vision

Empowering individuals to embrace their unique natural beauty through our semi-permanent cosmetic enhancement services, education and innovation as the leading professionals in our industry.

Our Mission

At Mini Brow, we bring our whole heart to empower individuals to embrace their unique natural beauty. We are committed to relentlessly learn, train, research, and develop in order to innovate our techniques and expertise, becoming the leading professionals with advanced knowledge in the industry. We believe that every individual is unique.

We provide bespoke services for our clients and trainees. We use an personalized approach to find their own unique solutions for everyone.

Our work is not limited to technical skills, but extends to fostering the artistic expression of our clients and trainees, and instilling pride in their role as “art­ists” in the beauty industry.

Mini Brow?

At Mini Brow, we take pride in our commitment to providing the highest stan­dards of safety, quality, and innovation, as well as our individualized approach to each and every client and trainee. We are dedicated to excellence in every-thing we do.

Highest Standards of Hygiene and Safety Guidelines Protocols
We take safety and cleanliness very seriously and employ strict procedures to maintain a pristine working environment, including the use of highest quality ma­chines, needles, creams, and hypoallergenic pigments. All of our professionals are certified and trained to the highest standards of hygiene and safety guide­lines protocols.

Innovating in Specialized Techniques
We continuously research and innovate in our own techniques, styles, proce­dures, and education programs to advance in reducing potential risks. We always develop up-to-date techniques and special segmented processes to avoid risks such as infection, bleeding, pain, allergy, unhappy finished work, and discoloura­tion.

1:1 Consultation Session and Bespoke Creations
We understand that every individual is unique. We offer a one-on-one consulta­tion session to find the best solution for each client’s specific needs and goals. We want to walk you through every step of the way, making decisions together until you are confident in the procedure. Our professionals are also educators, and we will teach you just as we teach our trainees, to give you the confidence to trust the final result.

Patience towards Satisfaction
We take pride in our patience and extend it to every client, treating every client like it’s their first time. We stand behind our work and are dedicated to the satis­faction of our clients and trainees.