Can My Old Tattoo be Corrected?

Yes,  your old tattoo can be corrected!

If you had your brows done by another artist and  you wish to correct the shape and colour, we are happy to offer you corrective work as long as your old tattoo looks similar to the examples on the right side.  Please make sure you meet the three requirements below prior to booking an appointment.

  1. The colour of the old tattoo has been faded by  50% or more. 
  2. The shape of the old tattoo is relatively even in symmetry.
  3. The thickness of the old tattoo is thinner than your desired thickness.

Please Note:

  • Our job is to COVER your old tattoo using corrective pigments.  It DOES NOT remove the old tattoo.  Your old tattoo will show up again once our work starts to fade.
  • The darker your old tattoo is, the more applications it will take to correct the colour. You may be required to book an additional touch-up session to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Corrective work is done using Microshading and/or Combination technique. It cannot be done with Microblading technique alone.   Click below to learn more about our techniques. 



Unfortunately, we are not able to offer corrective service  if you answer YES to any one of the questions below.

  1. Is your old tattoo noticeably UNEVEN?
  2. Is the shape of the old tattoo NOT IDEAL? 
  3. Is your old tattoo THICKER than your desired thickness?

In this case, we highly recommend you to have the old tattoo laser removed at least 6 weeks prior to your appointment. 

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