Serena’s journey in the world of semi-permanent makeup commenced in South Korea and continued to flourish here in Canada. Her formative experiences in South Korea and subsequent work in Canada have fostered a deep-seated belief in the importance of celebrating each client’s innate beauty and individual style.

In 2019, Serena earned her certification in Cosmetic Tattooing, solidifying her dedication and mastery in various specialized areas, including microblading, microshading, ombré techniques, Lip Blush procedures, as well as the art of Lash Lift and Lash Extensions. Serena is fueled by an unwavering passion for her craft, and she is eager to share her extensive knowledge and experiences in the realm of Permanent Makeup (PMU) and Lash enhancements here at MiniBrow.

Her steadfast commitment to the celebration of natural beauty, deeply influenced by K-beauty principles, and her dedication to sharing her expertise underscore her invaluable contribution to our team. Serena specializes in creating naturally beautiful eyebrows, with a particular focus on embracing the essence of K-beauty-inspired enhancements. Her specialization extends to the art of crafting immaculate eyebrows for men, making her the ultimate expert in men’s eyebrow transformations.


Microblading Initial Appointment

$400 + HST

Ombre Brow Initial Appointment

$450 + HST

Nano Brow Initial Appointment

$480 + HST

First Touch-Up

$100 + HST (Within 3 Months)

3-6 month

$150 + HST

7-14 month

$250 + HST

15-24 month

$350 + HST


Lash Extensions

$100 + HST

Lash Lift

$80 + HST