Lip Blush

What is lip blush?

Lip Blush is a form of Semi-Permanent makeup for lips.  It will boost your natural lip color, create volume and fullness for your lips.  

Also, it will help to correct asymmetry or darkness of your lips.  Unlike lip tattoos, Lip-Blush technique applies small dots of pigment in the lips using a needle.  A tattoo on your lips sounds pretty painful, and it varies depending on your pain tolerance, however, the average pain level is between 0-3 with 10 being the most painful.

Lip blushing will last 2-3 years, but depending on your lifestyle, the retention may vary.

For Lip Blush, you can choose the colour you want, however, touch-up is necessary to achieve the target colour.  

Please note, we do not offer Brown lip colour because  the colour will become unpleasant overtime.

Dark Lip Neutralization

Dark lip neutralization is a colour correction process to even out the dark tones in the lips. 

A tattoo needle is used to implant the corrector colour to the lips which result in more even toned and lighter colour lips.

May require 2 touch-up sessions depending on the intensity of the darkness in the original lip color.